Thursday, 31 March 2011

ACW Display Base Done & Doner

Well, after much farting and faffing about I'm calling it finished. It's has got to the point if I didn't stop now I never would, once I get a handle on this smarty pants type of basing it will get easier.

So few photo's, tell me if it stinks or not I'm a big boy I can handle it, besides I know how to delete 8-]  Comments or criticize.

I should have moved the drummer behind the charging figure on his left (our right), the drummer would have still been making eye contact with the falling soldier. At the same time moving the charging figure closer to the officer making the eye contact between those two figures stronger.

I'm still not perfectly happy with the greens but they do look a whole lot better, I tried to avoid kitch by avoiding high lighting the grass with yellows opting for a very pale grey green for the buffalo grass.

In the areas where there is a slight depression or hollow I have removed some of the gravel and given the surface a wash of brown to darken and coat of gloss medium to give it a wet muddy look. The photos look a little washed out, must be because i took the outside, hmmm.

That's it folks, more detailed pictures will be posted tomorrow those one interested, in the Making Bacon section.

Paint Pig


  1. It looks really good. In my opinion I'd like to see the tufts of grass a little bit more flaired out instead of so neatly standing straight. Otherwise a real nice little diorama!

  2. I have some 40mm Perry/Foundry ACW figures that I bought for the sole purpose of displaying and painting in a diorama, just like this.

    Dam, you beat me to it!


  3. thanks guys

    @ Josiah the grass/reeds had a small problem, I didnt realise the super glue was whicking up the fibres, it didnt quite make it to the tops of the larger examples hence they can be seperated slightly, lol.

    @Tony Just get on with it, so I can see what your doing and it might give me a better clue. ;-)
    I have a 40mm 12lb acw battery to work on but I thought it best to start with these. Cant wait to see what you come up with.



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