Monday, 29 April 2013

Observation: More than rolling dice

It was with some interest that I recently read Sydney Rounwoods post "Being There" it seemed particularly poignant in light of recent events in my own gaming world, sometimes a game can feel like simply going through the motions, for some of us we need more. 

Jose and Drew look like they are hatching a cunning plan to spring on Napoleon "and dont the kids love it"
An objective with a back story, nothing complicated, can make all the difference as to whether your invested in a game or simply there just to roll some dice. Sydney's post is a timely reminder that game night can be much more that slurping tea and out quoting one another with tape measures cocked and ready. The most important thing to my mind is to engage the players and give them a reason to care why they are moving their little trays of lead.  That is not to say that some people aren't happy just rolling dice and quoting Oman, Bowden or Duffy, personally I prefer to at least have a reason other than rules require you to toss little polyglobs and cubes of plastic about the house. Maybe that is what makes ImagiNation gaming so appealling to some historical gamers......

I shan't bore you any longer with my silly ramblings but rather point you to Mr Roundwoods post and let you decide the value in "Being There".