Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Help, 28mm Spanish again- lordy lordy

The Capitan comp has been extended by a fortnight, I see this as a chance to bugger up my entry so I have decided to leave it alone!

I tried a few mood shots *LOL* and I'm sending my entry in, help me choose.  Please?



1st set with the camera slightly above base height showing more of the base itself and some fill lighting.




 2nd set with the camera below base height giving a better view of the face .....that's the theory. No fill lighting just side lighting for the deep shadow look.

I think it was a three photo entry, so what do you think? Which three work for you, I'm stuffed if I know which ones to choose.....

Monday, 30 July 2012

28mm Spanish Nap

I received a sample of a CAPITAN 28mm Spanish infantry casting for a little painting/promotional comp the brand is running, after a little research and thanks to some re-enactors I came up with this vibrant uniform. The figure is painted as, what I believe, is 1em Valencia and quite pretty they are too.  The figure came with three head variants and I imagine that is more than enough for most gamers and is quite well proportioned and cast so there wasn't much to do in the way of cleanup. The sculpting style is obviously up to the individual to judge it isn't as polished as some brands however the detail is there and it suits the subject material.


I have a little more tidying up to do on this chap and I need to get some better photographs. I modded the head a little so he looked down slightly in a tired pose.

The Peninsular War is one theatre that has been very tempting for me having gamed with a group in the distant past that were heavily into it.  As this range expands I may have to invest in a few figures while Mrs PP is looking the other way.....

One of the re-enactor photo's, there was a number of of units represented as well as peasant and geurilla re-enactors they all looked quite splendid in their uniforms having a march past.

thanks for looking

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

For Those Naval Gamers

I have received a copy of Mal Wrights Hiding in the Open supplement for his excellent naval rules for convoy actions, Rising Storm being the latest in the series. This supplement is the first and covers painting guides for British destroyers, in full colour, and is available as a pdf.

Mal has kindly sent me a sample page that I can post on the blog, click on to get a feel of the detail.

Plenty of information for us to get into, including mounts, mods etc., if you want to get a copy too contact Mal direct, payment is via paypal.  I'm looking forward to the next installment.

thanks for looking

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

SYW Kreis – IR Kronegk

Sorry about the lack of painting posts

I have finally settled on a pallet and painting style which I think best enhances the figure (Foundry Prussian) and describes the Kreis contingents of the smaller Germanic states.

To my mind the figures had a very Munchausian look to them and the painting had to reflect that charicature-ish nature of not only the figures, but also the somewhat haphazard nature of the Kreis contingents in general. Plans are also underway to ensure the battalion as a whole maintains the theme,  more on that later.

What do you think?

I found on this figure the face (multiple variants) had a very interesting look about it so I decided to explore this further and came up with this old warrior.

I have decided that to compliment the theme I would use non metallic paint for the metallic elements of the figures, something of a comic book/illustration feel if you like.

Hope you enjoyed these.

thanks for looking

Reaper Master Series, base is Ritterlich Blue (09115) mid was a mix of base plus Cyan Blue (09117), highlight was Cyan Blue lightly dry brushed.  I glazed the jacket with a very thin Ritterlich Blue, glaze only no pooling of paint.
The Reaper paints come in dropper bottles similar to Vallejo and are reasonably priced I buy mine direct,  from the Lone Star state.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

LORD, John

My first album purchase with my own pocket money mind, all those years ago, was Made in Japan, it is still one of my favourite live records of all time as is Deep Purple the band. Glover and Lord going mental stage left is a great memory, Jonh Lord will be missed. Love this opening to lazy!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Plastic Soldier Armistice Jig

Seen on LAF,  too good not to share.

Dance away day for your placky soldiers, when the war is over will they celerbrate...?