Tuesday, 24 July 2012

SYW Kreis – IR Kronegk

Sorry about the lack of painting posts

I have finally settled on a pallet and painting style which I think best enhances the figure (Foundry Prussian) and describes the Kreis contingents of the smaller Germanic states.

To my mind the figures had a very Munchausian look to them and the painting had to reflect that charicature-ish nature of not only the figures, but also the somewhat haphazard nature of the Kreis contingents in general. Plans are also underway to ensure the battalion as a whole maintains the theme,  more on that later.

What do you think?

I found on this figure the face (multiple variants) had a very interesting look about it so I decided to explore this further and came up with this old warrior.

I have decided that to compliment the theme I would use non metallic paint for the metallic elements of the figures, something of a comic book/illustration feel if you like.

Hope you enjoyed these.

thanks for looking

Reaper Master Series, base is Ritterlich Blue (09115) mid was a mix of base plus Cyan Blue (09117), highlight was Cyan Blue lightly dry brushed.  I glazed the jacket with a very thin Ritterlich Blue, glaze only no pooling of paint.
The Reaper paints come in dropper bottles similar to Vallejo and are reasonably priced I buy mine direct,  from the Lone Star state.


  1. Very nice Dave, what colour blue did you use?

    1. thanks Ray I will check the on the colour for you, will probably be a Reaper colour I think, stay tuned.

      hope your not finding the new blog look too difficult to deal with.

  2. Very nice Dave......quiet different to front rank, I kind of like em.

    1. thanks Tarty, the figures are a little odd hence the thought put into the painting, usually I just slap paint on and hope for the best ;-]

      to measure proportions of a figure I first look at the positioning of the crotch and judge the limbs and torso in relationship, in this case the crotch position is a little low giving that caricature look

    2. You've got the flesh tones sorted Dave I must say, very nice nice mate, the face is spot on.

  3. What a splendid result, the character that you've captured in the face is spectacular! I've not tried NMM painting, always a bit worried about the results, but love what you've done with it here - fantastic Dave.

    1. Thanks Mike high praise.

      Dont be put off with giving mnn a try this only my second attempt. I figure if I paint four battalions using the method that it should become easier and I will develop an eye for the process. The gun barrel and bayonet were a bit of fiddling about but I suspect that should improve.

      First attempt here


      If you follow the posts (before and after the link one) on this figure you will see the changes in tones as I was working out the process.

      Happy to help out if you give it a crack.


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