Monday, 13 May 2013

Wretched Prattling- Aaaargh blogger, forum farmers

Not really worthy of a post, more a twatter like comment, anyway on with my 'wretched prattling' ......I made four attempts to leave a reply to Exiles latest post and each time I got half way (or there abouts) in my reply the comment box reset itself.... wotcha, anyone else have this problem?

I guess I could have taken an approach similar to one of those tedious knobs who have to use 10 forum responses to make a 3 line comment (I like to think of them as share farmers, growing their post count) but that's not right really is it? I do get a smile when these individuals make a post and then set about in supplying up to 90% of the replies, is that the digital equivalent of talking to yourself?

Of some interest to a very few of you....... I have actually set about sorting out the painting bench!!! Could it be I'm about to set pigment to lead, I have a feeling in my waters that it could be. Been doing a bit of reading lately and my eyes and brain matter have come through the experience with flying colours. Not all that interested in commission work, too rusty for that malarkey, though a bit of paint splatting on some my own gear seems to be more and more likely.