Friday, 15 February 2013

WIP Regiment la Reine 18thC

I have been able to do a bit more on these chaps lately and a quick tidy up will see them finished. Perhaps I will have my camera working properly be then for some better quality photo's too, I think the poor ol' gal might be on her last legs as her poor ol' gizzmo-tronic brain seems to squeak and fart along at an alarmingly slow pace.......

Anyway back to the figures hat, cap tassels and leggings need a bit of attention as does the hair, seeing as these castings will be used for musket and tomahawk lapels have been ignored and a blue waistcoat added. There are also one or two obvious brush over runs however it wont take much to sort that out, oooops. The castings bouffant is somewhat out of historical kilter, natural hair colouring will overcome this mistake as this grizzled old veteran will demonstrate, quite frankly nothing to inhibit enjoying a game in deepest darkest Canada or New France or Arcadia!

remember, click to big the photo's