Wednesday, 18 April 2012

aWIP -Dwarves, the grumpy pig and a sneak peak

Hello loyal Pig Fanciers

It's certainly been a while since I last posted any of the good stuff (eye candy) from the pen, unfortunately burn out is approaching, I can feel it in my water's. For four days in a row I have walked past the door to the painting cave without so much as a thought to opening it, that is a sure sign that I'm getting painting burn out, not even a flicker of interest. I'm afraid that this years annual 'what the hell was I thinking when I agreed to that' painting commish has taken it's toll, it will get done of course they always get done.  I certainly wasn't as active with the camera as I should have been it's straight into the post as soon as the sealing coat is hard cured.

 I did promise to keep a few to one side and take some photo's as they progress (my usual thing) so here is some of the shots so far which will be destined for a bit of a walk through later so please excuse my lack of explanatory diatribe for now. Above you can see part of the commish  in the tub (160 odd in total, I feel like Gulliver) and some of the figures I pulled to one side to feature in the foreground, Yes plastic and metal, painted and unpainted.

remember to click on the pic for bigness

They were very dusty and paint was flaking off all over the place...

....even using low pressure air and a soft make up brush to clean them

Washes of tinted and un-tinted matte medium

Started blending and shading the blue parts
Leather work under way

Beard and hair as well

As soon as I considered a section......

.....  was complete it received a coat of clear satin......

...  for protection, as is my norm, and to reinforce against flaking.

Not fully completed but close, highlighted the hair a little more......

....and at the time was not sure about the powder flasks and some of the metal components

The problem I'm facing is once I have completed the Dwarfs and should be settling down to my normal painting routine, which includes painting some of my own projects, I'm just not going to be interested. Thinking about that is already starting to shit me which in turn means I'm getting grumpier and even less likely to pick up a brush. At least I have some new, and old, books that have been clamouring for some attention, so me thinks come mid May it's going to be myself, Franz Szabo, Duffy, Noseworthy, Chandler, the ol' Author Conan Doyle, China Mieville, a bottle of Bushmills 16yo and afternoon naps in the sun room. Will someone tell my wife!

I sneaked a bit of paint onto one of my Calpe mini's while the Dwarves were looking the other way

 I shouldn't whinge too much, the dwarves have paid for two first editions, a plane ticket, and of course a bottle of Bushmills 16 yo!

thanks for looking and your patience