Saturday, 9 November 2013

SYW Ruskies Corp of Observation

Work progresses on the Grenadiers du France at a less than satisfactory pace, repaints seem to take so much longer than splashing paint on virgin figures or maybe the grey matter, instead of resetting to zero, starts off where the the clock stopped with the original paint job.

Be that as it may I allowed myself to be distracted with some Russian observation corp grenadiers to break up the monotony. Although not completely finished I post him with regard to checking my swatches (so to speak), so do the colour tones gel or not?

The coat is probably a little dark for the table top, the green has enough saturation but is too dark for play (I stand by the golden rule of "bringing up" the brightness for the toys) despite the fact that this may be the correct green. I'm happy with the red for the most part.

The tombac (metal used for mitre plate and pouches, not brass) didn't quite get there but it is an unusual colour (not quite brass not quite copper) and can be quite varied in it's hue due to the metal ratio's used in the alloy.  Many many years ago I remember reading that the colour/metal of the mitre plate was mistaken for copper, anyway there are a couple of samples below for your perusal

Anyway it was good to break from the drudgery of repainting, thoughts on the overall colour scheme dear readers?

Tombac medallion from Israel
Tombac emergency 5c

thanks for looking