Thursday, 3 January 2013

WIP SYW La Reine

So here we are in 2013, I don't feel any different. As discussed in the previous post the new year will see the becoming of a plan of attack and challenges including an assault on the pile of shame which grew at an alarming rate in 2012. The growth was somewhat surprising, not because some kindly doppelganger was ordering figures and having them sent to my abode by mistake, because I had thought that my purchases were heavily leaning towards books thus leaving the leaden men on a slow drip feed, WRONG! It appears that purchase volumes were up on 2011, it is easy to believe your showing restraint if you con yourself that your hard earned is being directed in another direction. In fact the readies were being dished out just as freely for the wee metal men and additional funds were being transferred to the accounts of book publishers and the keepers of antiquarian book stores.

Now fair warning, my 2013 plans have not been thunked on overly much and will require more time to ferment into the heady brew of a plan, so no action on that front other than I'm actually painting whilst thunking, which is what most of the plan will revolve about anyway.

The poor unfortunates to feel the gentle brushing of sable on lead are a company (8 figures) of Front Rank SYW French grenadiers, the castings are the usual FR fair so not much to add in that regard, bit squat etc. etc. It would be nice if the SYW range were reworked in the cause of anatomy and uniform/accoutrement details but I don't see that high on their list of priorities, some their new Nap. figures look very nice. Anyway on with the photo's

First painting exercise in about 5 weeks, my hands shake a bit and my eyes/glasses aren't quite as good so the painting is getting a little sloppy, touching up may be a bit longer process than it once was. There is no great plan as to why the La Reine regt. other than I have been reading the Osprey campaign series books on the FIW (just finished Ticonderoga and started Quebec). I don't think I'm into it enough to game proper like, but some skirmish might be of interest..... I think, anyway one must paint what one feels like painting and I felt like painting La Reine. The bearskin is conjectural but as they were in Canada and materials were plentiful they may have been able to equip themselves with the new headgear in a more timely fashion, or so I have read.

I'm quite happy with the off white tone of the coat and pants, although it is not clear in the photo's, which should provide enough contrast with the white linen or canvas gaiters (not painted).  There is some suggestion that the gaiters for New France based troops were changed out to a darker coloured material, I have yet to find any clear indicators either visual or written as to what material and what colour (suggestions ?),  I'm assuming it would likely be the hide or skin of some creature.

I can tell you trying to remember what colours I have been using in the past for various painting details is a bit of a chore, I should completely finish one figure so I have a paint chart to follow for the rest and make a new set of notes for any upcoming Frenchies, there has been a lot of trial and error, repainting etc with the few I'm working on. That may just be at the top of my 2013 list, nice one, I have started my list.......

Another of Santa's helpers, just for you Crazy Joe (by request)