Wednesday, 30 October 2013

We fade to biege: French SYW wip

Not to grey as the song goes! Now I have no problem whatsoever of shadowing white with grey tones but I'm thinking of introducing more off white to beige shade tones for my white uniforms etc. With the sudden desertion of a number of grenadiers from the la Reine Regt. to the Grenadiers du France some more recruits have been drafted to fill the holes in the la Reine establishment, what better time to try out some fading to beige.

Grenadiers are nearly ready for basing, I just have to remember where I put the bases and flock n stuff.

Monday, 7 October 2013

WIP SYW French and German Jaeger

Well it has been a while since the giblets have been removed and I have been doing a little scratch building and toying with the paints, to that end I have decided to try and get my eye back in and splash some paint about in force. I have had some French grenadiers floating about since the beginning of the year so I pulled those out of the pile of shame and I also wanted to get on with some Prussian Jaeger figures

Regiment la Rein has now become Grenadiers de France (Regt 40) partly due to my hang up with the uniform for FIW but mostly because I think a full battalion for the European theatre would look jolly nice.

Grenadiers from Front Rank and Jaeger from Minden Miniatures, as usual I can see a lot of missed opportunities from the enlarge images and yes I have gone back to wash and glaze painting for the Jaeger, I really enjoy it and like the water colourist effect.

thanks for looking