Friday, 6 December 2013

SYW Corp of Observation Update

Really this is just a quick post to update the photo's from the previous and a bit of filler. I had a play about with the highlights and added some better lighting for the photo's. A great deal of the difference between the photo's from the two posts actually comes from the lighting as "in real life" the lift in highlighting is nowhere as dramatic.

In truth I did the corrections and new photo's a few weeks back but life (new venture) gets in the way and since then have not picked up a brush despite having a goodly number of projects primed and ready to go including one small commission I was bludgeoned into taking. My hope is to get restarted on the Ruskies and the commission this weekend as I would like to get the Corp of Observation boys onto ebay. I'm not the greatest fan of FR figures, personal preference over styling more than anything else, but the work on the mitre cap plate, cartridge box, etc really is first rate.