Saturday, 27 June 2015

Wargaming Forum: Wargamers Website

More a plug if nothing else, The Wargames Website is a newish forum dedicated to... War Gaming!

If your looking for a place to discuss the hobby in a non toxic environment without the ego's, thinly veiled politicking, adhoc moderation and superiority complexes then this is the place for you. Being relatively new there isn't loads of traffic yet but what you get is people discussing war gaming in a friendly and cooperative manner, I suspect bad behaviour and aggravation will not be tolerated by the admin or the members. Tons of war gaming news and traders making sure you keep up to date on the latest gossip

Go and have a look and sign up

Friday, 26 June 2015

SAGA Dark Ages Fun: Foundry

Had a bit of a break in posting as my brother in law had passed away and we have been interstate, we have sent him on his way now and back home to take stock and get this damn house renovation finished.

The gripping Beast Saxons are having a break while I paint a few Foundry figures for my wife's SAGA warband. Plenty of photo's but not much diatribe this time, of course all question cheerfully answered..... probably.

I like Foundry figures for the quality of the casting but I wouldn't put too much faith in the accuracy of some of the ranges which is why I dont particularly use them (cough cough price also).  In this instance (ie SAGA) they are the perfect figure and being that bit larger is also a bonus. The painting is slowly improving too which is about bloody time!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Blog Recommendation and Welcome

First of welcome to new arrivals AW Kitchen and Areil el Viking darko..... or something like that.

Secondly a blog that I have truly missed reading while I was in enforced absence.

Phils Association-Les Riflemen, Phil writes the most wonderfully entertaining AAR's and his latest is no exception. I shan't explain just go and take a look for yourselves.

Thanks for looking