Friday, 26 June 2015

SAGA Dark Ages Fun: Foundry

Had a bit of a break in posting as my brother in law had passed away and we have been interstate, we have sent him on his way now and back home to take stock and get this damn house renovation finished.

The gripping Beast Saxons are having a break while I paint a few Foundry figures for my wife's SAGA warband. Plenty of photo's but not much diatribe this time, of course all question cheerfully answered..... probably.

I like Foundry figures for the quality of the casting but I wouldn't put too much faith in the accuracy of some of the ranges which is why I dont particularly use them (cough cough price also).  In this instance (ie SAGA) they are the perfect figure and being that bit larger is also a bonus. The painting is slowly improving too which is about bloody time!


  1. Great work Dave, love the stripy trousers!!

  2. Thanks Ray, one must always have some Asterix pants.

  3. They look fierce and beautiful, excellent job!

  4. They look great, Dave. I'd say I favor these heroic looking characters over many "historically accurate" figures.

  5. Thanks Phil, they do look appropriately fierce dont they.

    Cheers Dean. I agree, for the type of game that SAGA is with the individually based figures and low numbers there is plenty of room to get a bit of creativity happening with the figures and the hero and legends types are just the thing for a bit of visual impact.


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