Thursday, 31 May 2012

New 7YW figures by WarTime Miniatures

I have just received some 7YW Hanoverians to paint from WarTime Miniatures made here in Brisbane and I thought I might take some mug shots for comparison with other brands, I was mighty impressed and some what surprised.

So for other like minded 18th century junkies (there seems to be plenty of us) and the curious at heart take a look and judge for yourself.  I'm giving them a thumbs up. Not bad for a first effort with the period and no I'm not getting filthy lucre before you ask I offered to paint them gratis! No I'm not getting soft I'm still the same cold hearted bastard deep down, true ☺

Eureka, Wartime and Minden the Eureka figure is on an approx. 1mm base

Front Rank, Wartime and Foundry the FR fig is on an approx. 1mm base

 I'll take some better comparison photo's when I'm more organised and the bench doesn't have quite so much activity on it.  As far as eye-line is concerned I think they will fit the bill and the heft is quite nice. I think that I might just build a few battalions of these when/if time permits

thanks for looking

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

aWIP Austrian Brass (napoleonic)

A short post from the workbench, I believe these are Perry mini's.

I might dabble with a dapple for the less senior (less decorated chap) officer,  not a horse colour I would usually paint....

Dont forget to click the pic for maximum effect

thanks for looking