Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Painted - Prince Hohenzollern

 Pack AN1 from the Perry Bros. this is the Prince Hohenzollern.  Just thought I would post the new pictures I had taken before he returned to his owner, some flaring off of the uniform and facial highlights unfortunately.

Please click on the picture for some Perry goodness.......

thanks for looking

Monday, 25 June 2012

aWIP SYW Hanovarians

I have started getting some of the good stuff on to these War Time Hanoverians, a fairly deep base and some midtones. I don't think I will take the more commonly trod path (orange) with these as far as the highlights go and opt for a softer highlight.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Dynamic Tension

Oops,  you know that dynamic view button that blogoogle had placed right in your line of sight whilst studying your blogger page.......

Uh huh, I was stoopid enough to give it a look'see and play and...... why doesn't anything appear like it does on the demo/help page..... and where are my pages...... and...  and... just breath........  OK all the posts are still there but I think it looks a bit bleak in regards to ....everything else? Bear with me bloggers while I try to sort it out over the weekend.....

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ephemera - Napoleonic Rules

As a rule I don't post gamey topics on this blog (fig v fig for my gaming shenanigans) but I thought I might break my rule in this instance. Recently purchased a copy of Republic to Empire by those scary looking chaps at the league of Augsburg and Clarence Harrison of Quindia fame throwing a spanner in the works for good measure.

Now I know "blah blah blah" been out for ages "etc etc" but bare in mind the last Napoleonic specific rules I purchased was a 2nd hand copy of Bruce Quarries (machine gun Quarry's) rules back when I were a pup, this is a big event in the PaintPig house hold.

Anyhoo having read the hoopla on various fora about this set I was still determined to have a look anyway ☺ 

Well, so far they, seem to be quite sensible from what I can tell so I will press on with them. I'm considering using these as a prompt to get a rather bulky collection of unpainted 18mm lead into action and possibly for some "12 figure unit" 28mm action. Any Napoleonic aficionado's willing to offer up some thoughts?

thanks for looking