Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Painted - Prince Hohenzollern

 Pack AN1 from the Perry Bros. this is the Prince Hohenzollern.  Just thought I would post the new pictures I had taken before he returned to his owner, some flaring off of the uniform and facial highlights unfortunately.

Please click on the picture for some Perry goodness.......

thanks for looking


  1. Very nice work!

    You've done brilliantly with all that white.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Mr Rosbif, Rodger. One down and the dapple left to knock over, it's sort of on hold while I muse over it. Give my best to Johny Frog!

  3. I do like Austrians, very nice Dave. ( your blog still looks a little strange ?.... )

  4. Thanks Tarty, for a simple uniform they do look quite dapper.

    I've switched to the new "dynamic view" template which is a bit different. It is fairly bland looking but it seems to be a good platform for photo's and other image heavy posts. I'm about halfway through writing up a page article for those wondering about using it themselves, up on the menu bar there "a new view".

    How's your new tile?

  5. Lovely work there Dave, nothing clumsy, real artistry. I am envious.

    1. Thanks DC high praise, I'm thinking that horse sculpt helped make it.

      Looking at that beautiful drummer avatar reminds me I have a few figures I'm hoping to paint-up for myself, I can play about with glazing again.


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