Friday, 22 June 2012

Dynamic Tension

Oops,  you know that dynamic view button that blogoogle had placed right in your line of sight whilst studying your blogger page.......

Uh huh, I was stoopid enough to give it a look'see and play and...... why doesn't anything appear like it does on the demo/help page..... and where are my pages...... and...  and... just breath........  OK all the posts are still there but I think it looks a bit bleak in regards to ....everything else? Bear with me bloggers while I try to sort it out over the weekend.....


  1. I'm tempted by some of the Dymanic features but I don't think the overall look of the site is very personalised. Your description of it looking a bit bleak is very apt. Hope your tinkering works out and look forward to reading your posts no matter what format they come it!

  2. Cheers Lee, I'll make the mistakes and let the rest learn :-)

    1. That's very kind of you! It certainly appears, well, dynamic! :)

  3. Well it look like this is it...... created some of the pages AGAIN. My blog list widget had to be dumped and a new (dynamic view specific) widget installed with the list needing to be created again, ditto with links lists!

    I put up a post to detail the changes that are needed with the dynamic view and the pro's and cons for those willing to give it a go.


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