Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ephemera - Napoleonic Rules

As a rule I don't post gamey topics on this blog (fig v fig for my gaming shenanigans) but I thought I might break my rule in this instance. Recently purchased a copy of Republic to Empire by those scary looking chaps at the league of Augsburg and Clarence Harrison of Quindia fame throwing a spanner in the works for good measure.

Now I know "blah blah blah" been out for ages "etc etc" but bare in mind the last Napoleonic specific rules I purchased was a 2nd hand copy of Bruce Quarries (machine gun Quarry's) rules back when I were a pup, this is a big event in the PaintPig house hold.

Anyhoo having read the hoopla on various fora about this set I was still determined to have a look anyway ☺ 

Well, so far they, seem to be quite sensible from what I can tell so I will press on with them. I'm considering using these as a prompt to get a rather bulky collection of unpainted 18mm lead into action and possibly for some "12 figure unit" 28mm action. Any Napoleonic aficionado's willing to offer up some thoughts?

thanks for looking

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  1. I have a copy and like them as well. It appears to be a 'heavier' game than Black Powder among others but for someone who is really 'into' the Napoleonic period I think they would be a good set for running larger games, assuming you have a cadre of gamers versed in the rules. I'd put them in a similar complexity/game feel ranking as General de Brigade. Some think the rules are a little wordy but I'd prefer that over sparse & confusing text. The LoA forum is also an excellent place to get help if you need it.


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