Thursday, 3 March 2011

25mm Dixon ACW white undercoat, old school. It's a wrap

Well that is it they are done, gee it only took 9 months, a suspected heart attack, cranking high blood pressure, depression and a diabetes diagnosis. I'll work out some basing, probably a vignette if I can think of something, then send em off to make some bacon ........probably.

The final stages for these two minis, I have been following the painting process in a previous post (link)

Here is my ragged reb all signed, sealed (shiny of course) and delivered. I turned the camera settings back to standard as I have had it set to emulate Agfa Chrome for all the previous posts, the Chrome is a somewhat harsh and very sharp type of film (?), gee I liked using Chrome film back int the day when we had film *LOL*.  These have also been shot under natural light which may make them more acceptable.

.......and finally the grim face of war, the reality of the hardship faced by so many valiant and brave sodjers, brother against brother........ pewter against pewter.......... shiny against matte.

paint pig

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  1. hello
    ir really enjoyed reading this post and the photo's. the painting is really cool but really diffrent cant use it on my 40K.


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