Wednesday, 9 March 2011

WSS WIP ........his excellency and troopers

A quick montage of his Excellency the Ducque  de Broccoli, at some point I had a brain fart and decided the Ducque would be wearing his purple velvet inspecting the troops coat and had to adjust accordingly.

The Ducque clearly has a face only a mother could love. It is reported he has been seen in de Saxes company and may have contracted a "dose" at one of his Bohemian orgies! The resulting bloating of the gills could be explained by such a report being proven.

There is still a bit more work to go yet, I haven't even applied his riding make up or gilded his lace blah, blah, blah......

The Ducques bodyguard, hand picked (literally) men from the Regiment Royal. 

These are much closer to completion with the flesh and breast plate needing the majority of attention.

Paint Pig


  1. Nicely done! I do like to use unusual colours when you can. Purple is not seen a lot in most armies, although I just read that during the NYW and WSS Danish artillerymen wore a violet coat lined green. I gotta paint some of them!!

  2. That's very good work and that face is full of character, love faces like that.

  3. Well painted. That is indeed a head only a mother could love.

  4. I like the one on top...the detail is incredibly deep.


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