Monday, 7 March 2011

ACW Getting the basing underway

Having got my little collection of acw soldiers painted it was time to think about the basing, I have decided to base them in two little vignettes.

The first is this little collection of Union soldiers charging, charging what? You decide, I'm just happy with charging. This is the final set up, I juggled them around a bit to get the right feel but I think this works for me with eye contact between 4 of the figures.

These few Confederates were always destined to end up in a vignette unfortunately we went a man down and things look a bit sparse with three. the vignette is of the 22nd Alabama Inf. on their last charge at Chickamauga, Pvt Braswell bearing the standard recieved multiple wounds and the colours captured. Full story of the days events can be found on the Pigs Might Fly page. As you can see I have tried positioning the two infantry men at different angles and am not convinced which works best, probably the bottom two I think. Any suggestion or comments are welcome.

The bases are almost finished, they just need a couple more coats of lacquer for a nice deep sheen. Both have painted finishes the one above obviously has a scattering of gold flake while the one below has a light dry brushing of light grey which was then stained red.



  1. Very nice vignette's - these will easily class up a game room!

  2. Thanks Miles

    Just hope I dont stuff up the flocking and such, I might even go down the hobby shop and buy me some good, ol' timey static grass to sprinkle here and there.



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