Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Eureka Sample Piece

I don't know what of though, the writing on the bag was smudged, sample smudge uniform, I think it might be a chick though that'll be tough on the rest of the guys? Anyway, I thought I might slap some paint on it and see how the little blighter came out, the theory being it would make a reasonable addition to the Imagi Nation forces if I could find a niche for girly musketeers. Be that as it may I'm using it to model my first Imagi Nation uniform.

Not a great photograph, sorry, the figure is quite nice has reasonable detail, good proportion and most importantly doesn't have a fat head or elephantine hands.  A fair match for Mindens, RSM and possibly HE. The figure isn't heavy on detail and folds in costume so if your a painter that relies on these for your paint job you may struggle (once again similar to Minden and Old School brands), traditional toy soldier and old school styles will work with this. I've painted this in my wash and glaze style (white undercoat) and I struggled a little bit at first, used more outlining than is normal for me but persistence paid of. A nice shiny 8-P  version of my take on traditional or old school not my best work of photograph for that matter, what does matter is she came in handy for for a job that had to be done. Hmmmmm, now if I could get another 23 samples...............


  1. You're right about the proportions abd the paint job looks pretty good too.

  2. Not too bad for what I could see through the glare of brightness:P

  3. Thanks guys

    It is a nicely made lil mini, pity about the photography. I took the pic under lights with no difussion, so plenty of white spots, happens even when it's MATTE *lol*

    my eyes, my eyes, .......harden up princess 8-]



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