Wednesday, 2 March 2011

25mm Dixon ACW : finished union troops


Well that is most of the Union troops finished, it went pretty well in the end........ It was the beginning and the middle that had me undone. One more union guy to photograph and the ragged reb, both from the previous post, plus the new standard bearer from the modded reb post.

Had a brain freeze while I was painting the drum, don't ask it would be near impossible to explain. It was like waking up and.... what the....? Did I just paint this....? It will be fixed in the natural course of events.

I realise these wont be to every ones taste and that's fine, personally I like this style of painting and finish but for those that don't those medieval wotsits are nearly done..... These guys have been a real challenge, just about every part of the miniature has been painted using either washes or glazes (smart new techie term lol). I guess the best way to describe it would be like....... painting a water colour, wash over wash?



  1. Nicley done! A little too shiny for my taste but each to their own, well done!

  2. Great work, I would give them a spray of matt varnish but that's it.

  3. Love the painting - not sure about the figures. You see how the colours look better and clearer in wash and Glaze. There is nothing wrong with shiny either- I have both!

  4. Thanks Big A

    It took a while to get around to finishing them but Im reasonably happy, I'll be satisfied once DC has commented and advised.. ;-)

    The figures are what I had lying about the place to practice on.


  5. Thanks Ray n AL

    You pair of heathens! LOL
    Trying to matte up my shinies......



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