Thursday, 17 March 2011

WSS Prinz done

What a chore, this figure and his two mounted guard have been so close to finished, yet they seemed determined to prolong the event. As it is I only have one of the guard finished to photograph because for some reason glue got all over the other! What with trying to make a wonky face paint up normal, sneezing and having the brush go sliding across the figure, and paint go everywhere, dropping figures and getting carpet fibre all over the wet paint, the list is endless. Five days of belligerent purposeful neglect has nearly come to an end they must be finished, and here they are....almost.

One of the bewtifuly wuggged guardsmen who the ginger Prinz likes to with ride with all day

The man himself made up and clearly out for a ride. Don't be fooled though he doesn't ride with any old Tom or Harry it clearly has to be Richard.  The Prinz is one of my characters in the Emporer vs Elector saga or the Hesse Cassoulet Chronicles


  1. Very nice paintjos sir, nice and glossy:P

  2. Very nice, I love the purlpe and the paintjos is good too!

  3. Big jobs 8-]


    I had a go at painting my first ever jewell on this fig, right on his little gold star, next time I go for first it should be bigger than 1mm. Im such a tw@


  4. I´m confident you will get the jéwel painted...;-D
    He looks great..

  5. they look great PP, well worth the har work they sound like they have been.
    Are you planing a WSS army then or just some thing you had waiting for paint
    Peace James

  6. They are very good. Lot's of hard work there.

  7. I see that you are right back to it. I really like the gloss.
    Excellent painting

  8. Impressive painting! and you just can't beat purple, always cool.

  9. thanks for the comments all.

    The wash painting/old school style is going to be a permenant feature with the shiny. Still be doing t'other more contemporary painting on the medievals and so one.
    In the end got my own style thingy, I couldnt paint triads like most of you anyway, I had to work away around it somehow.

    @ the cap'n :Yep, I just about got my eye in now, bit rough here and there but I think they'll do me.

    Like the man said in babe "that'll do pig, that'll do"


  10. Fantastic painting. Lots of lovely details going on. Regards, Dean

  11. Amazing skills man! Keep up the great work!


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