Tuesday, 29 March 2011

ACW Display Base again

More shenanigans with ballast, wood glue and static grass. My first ever go at fancy basing, if it doesn't have sand for flock and a lick of paint I'm usually not interested. First time for everything.

Not much to say just a quick update. First time using ballast, I think the coarse mixed sand from the river is better, easier to use if the figures are already in place also. 

First time with this "ground up" flock, makes for good moss when mixed with wood glue.

Still using static grass but instead of standing it up I have pressed it down into the glue to make a type of buffalo grass, the type that spreads by sending out runners. I'll work on getting some paint down and have the finished article tomorrow.

Paint Pig

Quick sneak peak before I turn in (pumpkin if your wondering). I was going to wait till I give it the once over tomorrow and fix up some odds and ends. Took a few pics to see how it looked, I find photos reveal a lot my eyes cant see in real life, so here's a quickie sampler.

Paint Pig

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