Monday, 21 March 2011

Re-organising the sty, the paint chest goes in the big house

Welcome into the the big house, I had a bit of a clean-up and rejigg'n of the painting zone today. I need to paint inside during summer which is always the case anyhow but it also seems that I do less and less work under the house in my old workshop due to the lighting and a low attention span.

My trough or painting table, look ancient citadel pots and a Ral Partha
pot! This is my indoors set up, special cleaned for photo's. 
So instead of going up and own the stairs to get bits paraphernalia all the time I decided on a permanent shift to my big house painting trough.

My corner of the east sun room with extra lights set up, the rest of the
 room is used for storing furniture as we renovate room by room,
this will be the last room renovated.  Safe for a while yet.

My spot is in the corner of one of the sun rooms, the windows face east so its pretty good for light and these old houses in this area have frosted and stained glass window so the light is diffused.

Usually have the windows open in the afternoon but it was a stinker
today and 70% humidity. The beast and the drawers of mystery

Photos were taken about half three in the afternoon, still plenty of light. In the back ground is my paint chest (tool box) which I dragged upstairs today, the damn thing was just about empty except for a few dried out paint pots and my air brushes (lord knows when they were last used) and had been sitting down there gathering dust the last year and a half.

The red beast
Come to Daddy, this has proved an awesome paint chest over the years, a cheap flat pack toolbox and trolley. Lots a drawers for lots of bits n' bobs,  pots and tools, plus the large space in the bottom for all the spray cans and bigger items.  The old chest of drawers alongside came up from the old work space too, it houses all my basing gear and odds and ends I might find that may be useful for base junk and a lot of figures that are on the periphery of becoming WIP's. The grey magazine boxes are where I keep my revolving WIPS (short attention span), gee only 7 boxes of WIP'n at the moment.

GOOD NEWS the missing hand for the Tudor chappy that I had painted in oils was inside the red beast as was a three pack of GW LOTR elves which I thought I had turfed, weeeeee.


  1. great background on this, bro!

  2. Nice set up and really clean, makes me suspicious of any clean shiny painters.

  3. nice paint area, looks like you get plenty on light. No excuse for you now get painting
    Peace James

  4. Nice clean setup, not at all like my messy shed, with crap everywhere!

  5. It had heaps of crap every where just 2 hours before I found the camera, guess wot it has again!



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