Sunday, 6 March 2011

WSS WIP ......painting figures in the classic style

I have ordered a couple of pieces from sash and sabre castings for my next project and while I await their arrival I have dug out theses WSS figures for some more of the  classic look I have been developing with the ACW mini's lately.

These are Dixon figure again, .......I think, ........don't quote me just yet :-/
The centre figure, the commander is no doubt familiar to anyone with a passion for 18thC gaming, he pops up everywhere.

These GG's are fine looking animals, little do they realise they are about to be used for experiments in painting muah hahahahaaaaa. the lower picture shows the horse with white undercoat and two washes of brown black artist acrylic.

By the way anyone out there in blog land used sash and sabre figures?



  1. I've painted a decent amount of figures from Sash and Sabers 28mm ACW line and they are top notch! Cheap price, great sculpts, lots of character, and are a joy to paint!

    I've got some pictures of them painted up on my blog-

    Good luck on the new project!

  2. Many thanks J

    Derr! I have seen these figures on your blog and it never clicked they were S & S,too busy admiring the painting. I haven't ordered much, napoleon 12lb and crew for a vignette, wanted to dip my toe so's to speak with the brand.


  3. Check this chap out - phenomenally quick output, but his painting is just outstanding...


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