Monday, 28 March 2011

ACW Display Base

Well I have finally got around to basing up some of the ACW I bored the pants off you with while I was painting them. The base has been waiting a good two weeks, but I have said before the paintpig has a limited attention span.

Started roughing in with some wood filler and some basic ideas here. Went for a wander down the crick to find some smooth stones to replicate worn granite boulders poking their noses up above the ground

Haven't filled in right up to the top of the base on the figures yet, give the glue some room to fully cure. Tomorrow I'll fill in any obvious divets and knock the top off of any little peaks before the static grass and what ever else I think of goes down.

Picked up a few twigs from my favourite twig gathering tree. You cant see from this debris which I have broken up, but the die back from this particular tree is like having an armature dispenser, heaps of ready made trees just add flock. That's all folks till tomorrow by which time I should have some flocking idea of what I'm doing.

Paint Pig

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  1. That's very good so far. Looking forward to the finished piece...


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