Monday, 28 March 2011

SYW/WAS Artillery Piece

With my small order from Eureka last week I thought I would take a look at their light artillery/battalion guns for SYW/WAS. This is from the WAS range from memory, noted as a 3lb-er. Like the rather groovy musketeer girly girl sample the detail is economical but not worryingly so.

For someone who isn't into counting every little detail and spends more time looking at his toys at arms length than under a magnifying glass then I think this is fine for me.

The barrel looks good and the shield motif is large enough for the hyper detailers to toss their magic.  I'll admit to farting about with painting the barrel trying out different ideas, in reality it is probably a mil smaller in diameter?

Barrel sits a little crooked, I could have fixed this up in the gluing but to be honest I didn't notice until I saw the photo!

And the reverse angle for all you reverse angle enthusiasts. I was originally going to paint the carriage white! Quite frankly even if that is the original colour of the Hesse Cassoulet artillery it wouldn't stay white for long once in the field. I contacted the Erzherzog and explained, the heads of army were consulted and couldn't decide if they wanted a light powder blue or equivalent in grey green so I decided on a light powder blue wash over a glazes of grey green and black.


  1. Well painted piece...pity the barrel is a bit of line.

  2. Excellent painting. I did a double-take on this cannon - as it is also thumbnailed on Hesse Cassolet's blog - right next to yours ;)! Dean

  3. you might need to paint the red over the trunnions ..this would represent the fact that the metal strap is there to holdthe trunnion in place.

  4. thanks guys, good idea conrad well done that man.

    Im not too worrried about the barrel sitting a bit odd ways, i didnt notice it until I saw the photos.



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