Monday, 7 March 2011

WSS WIP 'orse is a horse of course of course

Update on the horses with a view and step by step.

Both have had two or three light washes of tan over the base coat. The base on the left is white primer with a heavy dark brown wash on the right grey primer (see previous WSS post for pictures of base coats), both then received a wash of a mixture of tan/dark brown. This was necessary to add some shade to to the mini on the right. The mini on the left had the same mix and this muted the stark contrast between the shade and tan.

Mid brown washes to tails and manes on both miniatures, horse on the left received the mid brown was also, why, cause I felt like it......... was it a mistake? I thought so until I varnished them.

Nice coat of semi gloss varnish (not quite gloss not quite satin) and they dont look half bad, should do the trick. Now where did I put the riders?

Oh yeah I nearly forgot the Ducke de Broccoli here he is then. Sounds just the thing for an Imagi-nation.

Grey primer again given a brown black wash before receiving pretty much the same treatment as above. Didn't plan ahead properly and ended up with some awful dry brushing on the socks, tail and mane. I will have to go back in and fix that, so his exalted excellency is not disgraced.


  1. Very good work work on that horse, I have always hated painting horses and cavalry, feels like two figures to get one.

  2. Thanks AL, I know what you mean double the painting, although my armies are in 15mm so these feel like 10 times by the time they are finished. I think that these are the first horses I have painted in 25mm!


  3. The first isn´t the one with the looks like a strelets one or??

  4. Very nice work, the style is very effective. I'm gonna have to have a go at horses using washes myself, cheers

  5. @ Bods the horses, the first two are Dixon horses for heavy cav, for league of Augsburg and WSS

    @Ray get to it man!



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