Sunday, 6 March 2011

SYW Front Rank

I have half a dozen Front Rank figures that I should finish along with the WSS chaps from the previous post.

The Figures are in the style and uniform of the Guard, the above is being prepared to join the French Guarde. Grey primer with a paynes Grey Wash. Painting will be in the contemporary style to appease the Heathens.  8-]

These Little blokes have already started kitting out with the Guarde Suisse uniform. The difference in undercoat was a lil experiment (no animals and only a few children were hurt) looking at how undercoats effect washes and base coats and should be ignored,

Paint Pig


  1. Very nice work. I like Front Rank's style - they may look a little bulky in photos, but in person they're very nice. Regards, Dean

  2. Front Rank are great, they could just do with a little more variety in poses.

  3. Unfortunately guys these ones are badly cast, lots of lumps of metal oozing everywhere, only 2 out of the 6 needed minimum clean up. Not a good strike rate. Will make em look all purty though with any sort of luck


  4. I love the SYW period, I found front rank OK maybe you got a bad batch. Good work on the paint job BTW see you are getting you eye back in
    Peace James

  5. Hiya James

    Yep getting it together at last, they were definitely a bad batch, not just flash, huge gooby lumps of metal, paint it black and it hides away. Painting a few wargames bits before I tackle the next display mini.



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