Thursday, 3 March 2011

Standard bearer modification

Well this chap is finished too, obviously, unfortunately the figure is quite a poor sample with some rather bad misalignment so it was probably no coincidence he threw his musket away.

That's our boy on the right. From this point on he will be handed over to the Pigs Might Fly page to be kitted out in his new role of standard bearer Pvt. Braswell who met his fate at Chickamauga, follow the above link for the story. The figure on the left is from previous posts following the gradual steps through to completion of the paint job.

These pics were taken prior to changing camera settings and have been taken emulating Agfa Chrome.

paint pig


  1. They're very nice and according to this heathen not as shiny.LOL

  2. I'll reform you AL, come to the bright side LOL

    g'day cap'n you've been aweful quiet on your blog, what stunning effect or superb troops are you going to spring on us next?

  3. They look really good. Great stuff.


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