Friday, 1 April 2011

April 1, what could that mean?

Well for the observant among you it means two things. Firstly I will be offering a service for commission painting, the Painting and Decorating Page, best you take a look for yourselves and read the pompous drivel therein, put simply I will take on painting commissions. Remember I'm in Australia  so think about turn around (mail) and postage rates.   NB  -however I am more than happy to service OS commission's.

 Secondly I have a swap meet page Mak'n Bacon where I will be thinning out my my collection of lead and offering up the little blighters for adoption at competitive adoption rates. This will also include dioramas and vignettes I make for the sole purpose of lil soldier adoption. Remember I'm in Australia so think about postage rates.   NB  -however I am more than happy to help OS adopters.

Now to the whys and what-fores. Last year I suffered some medical setbacks which had a cumulative effect, the upshot of this is I have decided not to go back to my job and there fore have some spare time which I need to fill on things other than myself. So no more the adventurous life of of 60+ hour weeks, deserts, deep deep holes in the ground, pipelines you can walk in and all the jiggery pokery of my working life. So if you feel sorry for me (boohoo) and you don't mind dealing with a cantankerous old fart, I'm your man.   8-]

Paint Pig


  1. Welcome to insanity from another cantankerous old fart :-D I´ve got written off work as long for still, that´s in the hands of my medical insurance people..I hope a bloody long time as I´d had a gut full of where i was working and most of the people there. I´ll download the certificate because it looks suspiciously like the one I have :-D

  2. good luck with the commissions, great to see you have made your mind up to live a little and not kill your self for the doller
    Peace James

  3. Great looking it hanging on your wall behind your desk???


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