Monday, 18 April 2011

Seven Years War galore pt. 2 and some wss wraps

At last the Garde Francaise and Suisse are finished, there was only three of each but it felt like a battalion, I really should have four of each to make a couple of stands so I might order two more, OMG!
I had some photo's of the whole lot lined up but it wouldn't do, talk about usual suspects. These are painted with blended layers as opposed to the wash and glaze and they are matte, just for the gloss heathens....... yeah I'm looking at you two.

 Moving on to a happier subject, any thing would do, here is Hesse Cassoulets latest artillery piece. This is from Wargames Foundry, I think it is a 24lb-er. Some of you may be aware that Foundry had a massive line clearance a few weeks back and their stuff was borderline affordable so Hesse Cassoulet was able to get some heavies.

The barrel is out of shape in section view but that wont count for much once it is finally glued on. I'm guessing the mold is up for replacing or maybe they will drop the code, just speculation. I wonder when WF will go to mostly plastics like their cousins GW? They seem to be dragging their feet.

 A couple of my 'not completed' Minden French artillerist's field testing the gun for accuracy (and scale).

To finish off, I have wrapped up the wss noble and the couple of cavalry figures and have them all based up. Yes, I do base my figures! I usually cant be arsed taking photo's of em by then or waiting till their based to take my finished shot's, anyway there's nothing more left to say about these figures so enjoy the candy.



  1. Who me? Those matte figures along with everything else is very good but especially the Garde Francaise.

  2. Could I be the other of whom you speak??
    The two French garde are very well painted, and I didn't even have to turn the brightness down!


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