Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bit Slow on the Posting .....need a friend u.s.

Deary me readers and fellow bloggers, time flies when your not having fun as easily as it does when you are having a knees up. Plenty of painting being done, on the walls and ceilings, the little leaden chaps arent getting their share though. Work resumed on the bedrooms, I was half way through one last year when I took ill, Im pleased to say that it is now finished our bed etc moved into it and the master bedroom is nearly done, carpet to left to do but that isnt my gig so I'll supervise *YAY*. It has been a hard slog, Im no longer fit, no pains in the chest but I get tired very quickly and have to have a Nanna nap three or four times a day. Had checkup two weeks ago and the doctor says I still have too much sugar, but I think not I'm still my normal sour snarly self, I mean jeez they have cut out anything that was worth eating from my diet what more can a bloke do.

Not much I know but just to prove more than the walls are being painted I started on this lovely piece of myself and Mrs Paint Pig, I love it when she scratches my belly

It's a nice model for practicing blending on, takes longer than three step flesh painting but for this mini it will be worth it to do a bit of display painting. Pity the casting had a mold line down the middle of the face and it is a bit pitted but it isn't going to be comp material just some fun for the table top, and you lot can stop checking out Mrs Paint Pigs cleavage!

Since my first eBay foray a month or so ago, yes it's true first time and no I'm not a luddite, I have found very little that I want or if I do want it the prices go so high you can buy brand new with a bit of shopping around, no doubt preaching to the converted but it is all new to me. So far I have bought some old Ral Partha D&D figures.

Draconian Dragonlance box set
Never played D&D but I do remember some of the early figures had a certain charm. I also picked up a small (no pun intended) WH Dwarf army and some LOTR figures, Im pretty sure this is the only WH stuff I own, ever! I rather like the Dwarves and they will be a little side project to break the monotomy. The LOTR could become something of an obsession, slept through two of the films but the figures are OK dewd, I would like to get some more and fleabay is the best source (I didnt know WH was so farking expensive, how do the kids do it?) but you damn yanks wont ship OS half the time. If someone wants to be a proxy US postal address for me I would be very appreciative? More on the Dwarves in the near future.

It's also time to sell off a bit more stuff to pay for the purchases, putting the finishing touches on some 15mm Nap cav before it goes on the chopping block.

A couple of sample pics, nice AB figures,  these chaps haven't been used in a long time so they are getting tarted up for a new home.



  1. Great stuff Dave. Who makes that lovely figure of the Lady and her pig? Regards, Dean

  2. That pig combo is great :-D
    Take care...don´t do anything too´s no problem with your lack of posts at the moment...we will all wait :-D

  3. Hey PP,
    I nominated you and your blog for THE STYLISH

  4. Stay loose and do what the Doc says. In the meantime, ditch the paint roller and focus on leads. I'm fussy about the blogs I read!



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