Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ye olde update

Well it has been a bit of a dry argument as far as the blogs are concerned, parched for news!

When ever any one asks I tell them I'm flat out like a lizard drinking, but I cant for the life of me work out what Ive been doing that keeps me so busy, the house the house.  Very little miniature painting has been done except for some small commission work which I didn't photograph properly (derr) and some dribs and drabs of my own stuff, which includes starting some more crusader types and the repaint of some dwarfs I purchased way back when. Just hang on while I shake the camera and get out the photo's.

Well bend me over and call me Shirley ..............  goings on in the paint pig garden!

I like to put out a little dish with some of my toast smothered in honey water for the honey eaters in the morning, sharing breakfast, and I put out some sunflower seed and sorghum for the rainbow parakeets. The other morning there was a new addition to the honey eaters and I went inside to get my camera (two minutes max) to record the new addition to our garden, by the time I came back not a honey eater in sight the parakeets had spotted their breakfast and moved in.

hey guys look, honey


oh yeah this is the life 

*burrrrrrrrrup*  mmm good

Piranhas have nothing on these guys, I need a motor drive on the camera to keep up. Right I might as well start a new entry for the miniature photo's, see you there.


  1. Both of those sound like fine meals to me! And those are very pretty pictures too.

  2. Nice birdies, reminds me of my brief time in Oz when we had kookaburras come to our garden.

    And good to see you back Mr Pig :)

  3. They are purty birds but very very noisey ....and bullies! Kookies are discouraged at every opportunity, always covered in mud and crap, wallowing in the bird bath like they own it and generally looking far to smug.

    good to be painting and posting again



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