Saturday, 11 June 2011

Ye olde update- OMG mk II! more money hammer ...goblins now!

What else have I been doing over the last three months..........

Well I had a commission to paint a small quantity of night goblins (I didn't even know they came in UV and non UV tolerant varieties) last month and after visiting the web sight of the manufacturer, duly applied the appropriate paint shades in the required places (I did sneak in some variation while I wasn't looking) as requested. The chap seemed happy enough that the colour scheme had been faithfully followed and the transaction was concluded.

Unfortunately this is the only photo of the UV intolerant goblins I have that is of any use, not finished but on the way, I really should have pulled my finger out and kept a proper record, maybe I might be able to fix up the blurry photos with photshop. I sneaked a bit of blue-ish highlighting and shading on the odd figure. Twenty more are due this month so he obviously was happy with the work.

After painting the Night Goblins above and the Dwarves mentioned previously my interest was piqued and, keeping my eye on the ebay, I managed to pick up something of a huge job lot of GW's War Hammer wotzit's, even my mediocre maths skills have determined $150 has bought a small fortune worth of WH models when new. I'm now the proud owner of Goblins (UV tolerant), Goblins (not UV tolerant), Orcs, more Dwarves, Lizards and some 40K thingies with a hover do-hicky. Some painted, badly, many more not painted at all and a good fraction still on sprues!  What am I going to do with it all you ask, paint it and sell it for the most part although the metal figures, dwarves and unusual or charming pieces I'll keep... for now.

So far I've been mucking around with a couple of goblins and different paint effects and colour schemes.

Playing around with the colour scheme,  'A' coy of the Royal Paint Pig Blue Moon Battalion!

Trying out some metallic colour and highlighting on the shields, proud blue moon crest

The spearman has slightly paler skin than the officer or standard bearer or whatever it is, I will probably go even paler green on the skin seeing they don't spend much time in the sun getting a healthy green tan.

More mucking about blending the shade and highlights with coloured metallics, all hail the Royal Paint Pig Blue Mooners. I should spend a bit more time on these this weekend and post the finished item next week, hopefully with a bit less glare in the pic's

It is just as well that there was too much for me to explore in historical gaming over the last 30 years, if fantasy had beckoned I would either have had a very poor WH army, or a very poor wife, probably both.



  1. Those goblins are great minis, lots of possibilities. Enjoy painting them!

  2. Nice alternative colours, i like the addition of blue esp.


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