Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ye olde update- last hoora, gripping beast

Finally my quarter year wrap is completed.

Besides mucking around with that warhammer stuff I managed to get a start on more crusader types, once again from the beast that grips however I notice that they don't seem to be in the cattle dog, well not these exact versions anyhow. They must be well old, it is about time they got a lick of paint (5minutes Mr Fawlty), if anyone would care to give me a more precise description of the figures other than crusader types I would be grateful.

They all seemed to be armed with spears (not glued on yet) which I guess is OK seeing as they have their swords sheathed.

I think maybe that I will leave the shields until I can work out which nationality I want them to represent, I'm leaning towards Italian at the moment although I have no idea what shield designs would be popular with this choice?

Those cloaks were a bit of a pain, they are not very well sculpted (click on the pic to enlarge) and could have done with a bit more trimming and filing by me, there's some pewter in these three fig's the cloak is nearly 10mm thick at the base! Should get a bit more work done on these and update them soon.


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