Friday, 17 June 2011

War of Spanish Succession- Marshals of France update NMM completed

A few update photo's for your perusal. After adjusting the tones more than once the gold lace work is completed. I cant do much more simply because I am very definitely at the end my knowledge of the nmm technique, most of it works and I have certainly tried enough combinations of brush strokes and colour choices to fry my comprehension lobes, so put the brushes down Paint Pig.

The face and cuffs were painted in while I was between 'nmm' ponders and the hair was painted over to hide the slop from the flesh work, there was surprisingly little considering the space available.

Tricorne has been blacked in although the cockade and feather trim awaits colour clarification.

The simple white Marshals sash is complete, I made sure to avoid having too deep a grey base tone in the shaded areas to reflect good quality silk.

When compared to a similar photo below from the previous post you will see the changes I made to the gold trim on the saddle clothe, I cant say that it is any better, just different.

Face is done as much as I'm going to do it, I spent far too much time on it trying to get the shading from the tricorne and arm right and.... I just spent too much time on it! I might tweak the red a bit with some more contrast as far as the cuffs go but they are pretty much done as are the pistols.

I'm using Reaper paints for this miniature, a new job lot I picked up at the beginning of the year, and this is the first time they have seen some action so it has been a chore sorting through them to identify colours but they work OK, as soon as I can I'll make out a list for the colours re the nmm.



  1. Thanks cap'n n cardinal.

    Yeah, I was going to paint them white last night but figured I would wait for confirmation, it can be irritating changing things.


  2. Excellent work - the color scheme seems period appropriate and has the right amount of "foppishness"

    Well done


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