Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ye olde update- OMG! warhammer dwarves and no birds

I mentioned a while back that I had bought some dwarfs on the ebay, quite a few where metal shooter types and the rest were plastic axe men and I decided to give them a repaint, I will strip the metal and just go over the placky ones. The original paint job is good enough for plastics just to have a going over with the main points being mold lines and bits of dust and so on in the original paint.

This is one of the originals (click on pic) a fair base coat to work with although trimming off the mold lines does muck up the job a little bit, I have kept this to a minimum otherwise I would just about have to repaint from scratch.

 This was the first to come under the brush, I got a bit of a shock when trimming off the mold lines as I didn't know the head and arms are separate pieces, blimey! Hey Ive never had any of this stuff before. As I said not all the mold lines are gone but I reduced them

Of course now that I've got used to decapitating the lil' fellers its time to do some filing and modifying on the next batch so that they look around a bit more.

Stray hairs  in the base coat get plucked out if I see them although I missed that one on the axe dammit. I noticed that copper gets a good swoosh around when painting dwarfs so I had better get onto  some, all this metal lets me have a chance to try out the unfathomable number of blends of silver and metallic that reaper have in their range!

It's a bit like buying a new car you can have it 12 shades of metallic grey, white or red. Guess what colour we bought, yep, because they go faster.  8-]


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