Friday, 8 April 2011

chips, dips & WIP's all seven years war

It has been a busy week on the painting desk and off, it's not easy to build up momentum when you constantly have to stop and do real life stuff! Also doesn't help if your not that keen on the figures, but you gotta take the good with the bad I spose and just hope you get a chance to use the ugly stick (hmmm, wonder who'll get that?).

Lets talk about the good, Dixon. Yeah I know Dixon rarely seem to get a mention on the blogs but hey I like them.  The ACW figures are a bit over the top with the exaggerated facial and fold detail but they paint up nicely and they are fun.

I only have a few 7YW Dixon figures but these are nicely sculptured with lovely animation and posing. The casting was nice and clean too, which is a bonus.

This guy is just about done, a bit of lining and tidy up and he is ready to model the latest Hesse-Cassoulet uniform. Still not sure on which shade of blue I'm going to settle on for the army?

Now for the bad, I really must have drawn a dud bunch of figures from front rank! Only two aren't miscast

some of the lads

Even after I was well into the paint job I was finding bits to file off or great globs of metal to try and hide. In reality I should have sent them back and got some new ones instead of painting them.

Anyway I pushed on and that is that, I have decided to give them the coloured gaiters or stockings as they would have worn on palace or court/royal duty for something different, I didn't really like it at first but it has grown on me and I now think they look quite smart with the coloured stockings.  There is a fair bit of tidying up to do still but the main parts are painted and the lace is started.

I have to admit these have been a trial, once you go off a figure for what ever reason the joy of painting them evaporates, all your left with is a chore, an un-enjoyable event. To make matters worse his has been magnified by the amount of "fiddly bits" contained in the uniform, the only reason to keep painting them is to see the back of them, soon my darlings soon.



  1. You are right about bad figures especially from a usually reliable company like Front Rank can be a chore, I'm going through that at the moment with the same company but what can you do (some have ended in the bin to be honest), good paintwork sir.

  2. Would the Dixon bod stand up if you took the bit of metal away from his left foot?? A nice pose and well painted.

  3. strange how each person feels about a company I have had no problems with front rank and have a vast Russian SYW army mostly painted. I have not had any miscasts although that being said I think my std are alot slacker that other peoples and as I paint from a black U/C small things do not bother me, good job because a paint loads of renegade and they can be shocking
    Peace James
    BTW figures look very nice :)


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