Monday, 19 July 2010

White undercoat update and noisy neighbours return.....?

In between times today I quickly finished up (for the most part) the white undercoat sample acw reb. and took a couple of quickies. Lighting isn't the best and there are one or two little details that I can now see (cameras show up everything on the big screen) need attending to, but other than that he is due for a shiny finish tomorrow.

I'll post my thoughts and so on about painting him when I have the finished miniature (minus flag) ready for posting. Would someone like to nominate a Regiment for the standard, preferably one I don't have to paint myself. Shop bought or down loadable.

In the mean time the noise mob have made a return from their 8 week winter holiday, it's starting to warm up a bit now (think it touch on about 23C today) and my little friends have come home and were screaming for their food.

The amount of ear splitting screeching parrots can do is directly proportional to the awww factor, and these little monsters can set up one hell of a screech! (rainbow lorikeets)

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