Sunday, 11 July 2010

Something New

Only minor non painting distractions at the moment, so it's come up to the lab and see what's on the slab, 

...hit it..... I'm just a a sweet trans....   oops, where was I?  err, painting.

This week I'm hoping to get these damn Nap's knocked over, the elephants are a work in non progress do to some doubt as to just what the hell they are, but they will no doubt get a bit of attention, and the few in the front row are Dixon generic WSS infantry that are getting a test paint.

Been playing about with ink/wash shading on the boys trows (clever but irrelevant Scott's referencing) instead of building up with greys, sometimes it works a treat and other times not so sweet.

About 90% of my Nap French is AB 15's

A note about camera settings for these

I had a fairly high resolution setting for these pic's and I changed the sample style to chrome so the camera mimics the old chrome style of 35mm film, it does a good job of it too. Anyone who has seen 'We Three Kings' (and you should if you haven't) will get some idea of it's range.
Back to depth of field, I pulled out my old Olympus 35 mm the other day to check it over and make sure the moving bits still move when a great big remembrance slapped me in the face, the depth of field from the focus point (in physical distance ie mm's or 1/16" th's whatever you speak) is dependant on the distance of the camera to the point of focus. So the physical depth (plus and minus) increases with the increase of distance between the camera to the subject. Bearing this in mind the photo at the top I captured while standing about two metres away from the table and used the zoom (still on macro setting of course) to close in. As you can see just about the whole lot are in focus. There is a much more accurate way to describe this but I hope you get the point, it works as a multiplying factor. 

Oh yeah, by the by, I didn't bother with any adjusting of the finished photo's this time other than cropping. wysiw I got ;-)


  1. So if the those Naps are AB, the elies are 15mm? I didn't know Dixon made 15's too. The elie's blankets have nice coloring. Oh, and your photos look really clear and crisp. Dean

  2. The nelly-pants are a repaint of some quite awfully (a word I dont use lightly when it comes to other peoples painting) painted miniatures (minifigs 15's). How I always get lumbered with other peoples old or abandoned projects beats me. As soon as I get the photos sorted out they are the subject of my next post where the confusion and other gory details will be revealed,

    ahh........wait for it .... wait for it ...... ;-)

    As to your other query Dixon and Two Dragon made some lovely 15's particularly GNW and Clive in India come to mind.

  3. Correction the dixon 15's range wasn't called
    clive in India at all, it was of course The Indian Mutiny range, and notwithstanding were indeed lovely figures

    oink didly oi oink


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