Friday, 9 July 2010

assignments in, minden mini's have arrived but figvifg...aaargh

Well I let my assignments ferment for a couple of days, partly because I prefer to proof read with a clear head and partly because I was waiting for the justice and governance dept's to get back about a query in regards to some workplace health and safety solutions I had raised in my analysis report. They hadn't got back but I had a reference number to quote so if that doesn't show I was having a go then stuff em, I can live with few less marks. actually I can live with a lot less marks. There's only two things that count, one is I pass and the other is I don't have to re submit anything.

The Minden miniatures French SYW boys arrived, I was too tired to set up the camera (and I didn't want to get sidetracked) so I threw a couple on the scanner.

Unfortunately it was during the day so I had to close the lid, scanning at night with the lid up and lights off can earn you some unusual effects, we used to set up coloured lights and torches etc of various intensity, anyway that besides the point and I was younger  and........ I was younger!

For those that haven't seen them before they are a delightfully detailed homage to the era of 'toy soldiers' in their styling,  quite proportional.  I wont bang on about them now I'll wait until I clear the decks  of a few more 'must do' jobs about the house, then knuckle down to painting them and no doubt drone on endlessly about it.

I should have learnt by now that when a combobulater or it's nasty soft-where asks you a question and you don't know the answer (but you always think you do) just press the cancel button, or as Yul Brynner said "just say no." I didn't say no.... and ended up saying  nooooo!
The second important thing to remember is when all your files and doc.'s and media end up looking like a barrel full of monkeys, it is sometimes easier to redraft than spend hours trying to workout where they are and then trying to coax them back from where they damn well shouldn't be. I remembered that several hours too late, .......... like trying to heard cats!

Any how enough of that nonsense, time to get back to painting and gaming..... oh yeah and those little jobs about the house.

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