Sunday, 11 July 2010

something borrowed.... nellypants

Many years ago I got lumbered with these war elephants, I don't remember exactly how now, but I did seem to be the base level to which all this sort of stuff trickled.  When the big search for the lost armies of pig got into full swing earlier this year these war elephants were unearthed to absolutely no acclaim what-so-ever. There are 4 all up, 2 x Successor, 1 x Sassanid and 1 x Indian (it's a Indian generals ride mind you) plus an Indian light war chariot. They are minifig 15's and have been identified in the catalogue ( yes I still have the glossy covered one with the photo's-antique!)

This is one of the Sassanid nellies which I had a bit of a play paint with just to see if I could paint something a bit decent over top of the old paint job. 
I gave the blanky a wash of red+brown to fill in the detail around the quilting, then picked out the high points with some red and a highlight with orange, pretty standard stuff, then repeated the process with the green edging at the base of the quilted blanket, but with green of course. I even dry brushed the snout (known in the trade as a trunk, hehehe) and ears with a bit of light grey. It didn't turn out too bad so I figured I would be better off stripping 'em back and having a decent crack at them.

This is what was waiting for me (mind you I've already cleaned up the really bad stuff before the photo) on the Indian nelly, look some one has even carved a smiley face into the howdah! I love a challenge.

The Sassanid war beast was a little better, I don't mind the howdah not being perfectly regular because I feel it looks a little more battle weary/realistic. A bit of quick research into war elephants of the period provided me with some painting information, likely colours and patterns etc. except for one thing. I cant for the life of me find any Indian war elephants from the era with a Howdah, plenty of images etc for later periods but nothing from the Macedonian/successor period it appears they went bare back (with blankets), so if any of you can steer me towards something resembling this beastie I would be very grateful, not looking at anyone specifically Dean :-) .....but?

Apparently this chap rides in the Indian chariot or the elephant......and....

.....this one definitely does, my what a fine reminder of the days when it was all about the game not the painting, bit of the Indian light chariot in the background. I wonder if this is the Indian general or one of his elephant riding attendants? Oh yeah, before I forget the cattle-dog shows an umbrella/parasol present, any clues/ideas? Trending cocktail umbrella, well at least I get a drink out of it.

I have started painting on these and I'll put those pics up tomorrow, want to watch Mark Webber win the English F1 Grand Prix and the cloggies beat the boys from the Costa del Fish n Chips in the World Cup tonight.


  1. Paint:

    I only know of the famous plate showing an Indian elephant with two-man tower supposedly belonging to Pyrrhus. The best place to start would be Jeff Jonas' site -
    Best wishes, Dean

  2. Hi Dean

    Yes apparently Pyrrhus was the first to come up with modifying his war beasts and before you could say "sheet dawg" they were all pimp'n their rides, howdah style.
    Thanks for the link. I'll keep searching.



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