Sunday, 4 July 2010

playing with hard plastic......

What the? No not that type of hard plastic.

Here is a sample hard plastic Roman Legionary from (I assume) Warlord Games, that I have just about finished. This is a good figure for some practice painting for a variety of reasons (yes it was free), it is a simple design that does not require a lot of colours, the detail is in good relief and, ok it was free. What a tight arse!

I don't usually paint figures that require much in the way of metallic paints due to the fact I don't collect armies that wear much in the way of armour, go figure the two are connected. The odd unit of cuirassiers and musket and cannon barrels would cover 99% of my metallic painting, not to mention (but I am) all of my armies are in 15mm.

Now owning up to the fact that ancients aren't normally something I would collect and therefore paint, I will readily concede that the colour selection is based purely on a quick scan of my magazine collection, but I think it's somewhere around the ball park? I'll put up another pic and end this post while I sort out the paint brands and colours used.

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