Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Aaaargh! F18 sooper dooper hornets

The fly boys over at RAAF Amberly have just received (yesterday) another delivery of new F18's.  Every time the bally fly boys get new toys they do insist on playing with them, constantly! I've got assignments to hand in damn it and those blighters just will not leave their new planes be for a couple of days so's I can concentrate and get this course work finished. You would think they were trying to clock up enough miles so they can take the damn things back to the dealer ship for a free first service ;-) round and around and......

No it's not the noise so much, it's impossible for me to sit in front of the computer, I have to go and take a look-see, I cant help it, it is a compulsive reaction. Last week it was the F111's (what a lovely old girl) gracefully gliding about the place, wings out stretched, before decommissioning and this week these pesky little hornets zipping zapping around. Grunt!

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