Monday, 19 July 2010

SYW French: roughing in

Some pictures of the lovely minden miniatures syw french Regiment Piemont (two battalions) I'm painting, progress is ticking over, slowly.

I've decided that this is the white/grey I'll be settling on for coats and small clothes (when required for small clothes of course). There is no need to rush these as I'm using the white undercoat method which is still pretty new to me so a few more practice pieces will fall under the brush first.  It is what I have termed my up-armoured toy soldier look, whatever that means.

I foolishly changed the buff tone I had originally mixed for the cross belts without success so I'll go back to the original. The rest of the colours are just roughed in for the time being as far as the pack, cartridge case, timber work etc. are concerned these are just some base colours which I will either wash over or highlight as required. Getting the right grey (one that I like) was what I was really looking for. Once again the photo's aren't the best, as was the case with the acw reb previously posted, it was a quick photo op with just a bit too much light quickly thrown around the paint bench.

I'll let him be now until I have finished mucking around with my practice pieces and made a few notes on colours etc. I'll crack on with the grenadiers and the officer once I'm confident I have my sheet together, oink!

The grenadier company waiting patiently for kick off

I had been quite keen to get to grips with the drummer, until I inked the little blighter, are my eyes up to that lacework?


  1. So, these are those 30mm figures? Very realistically proportioned. The drummer is especially finely detailed and sculpted. Dean

  2. G'day Dean

    hmmm I think the drummer can wait until I can bump up the painting skills a bit :-(

    Yes they are very well proportioned, quite an old style of figure in that regards which I really appreciate. There is definitely an eye on the new as well so they should benefit of the best of both worlds. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder though, so some wont like them, a lot of those bought up on "The Wargame" and "Charge" I think, are particularly fond of them and of course the SYW.


  3. Very, very nice work, Dave. I really like the white effect you've got.

    For the drummer's lace, I painted it all red, then dry-brushed it in white. I did that before doing any of the blue main colour. It worked a treat.

  4. I've been studying how you did it ROTFL where you watching me? I thought you must have painted the whole of the lace red first.

    I would like to get started on him, I could do from a change from white, it starts to strain your eyes after a while.

    Ordered the second battalion and some prussians for a Reischarmie regiment, haven't decided which yet but it will be one from Rossbach.

    Lord I hate painting white!


  5. nice job so far Dave, keep up the good work and yes you will need a maginifying glass for the drummer!


  6. Thanks Matt

    He's the business sure enough, I'll take a crack at him after I've taught a couple more companies of line troops how to dance.

    I like the sextet you painted, have to get onto Nick about that one.



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