Sunday, 11 July 2010

Something Old

It's that time again, the overflow of unlabelled jpegs and untitled folders and uncatorgarised groupings are threatening to burst out of the computer and it is virtually (is that a pun?) impossible to find anything without a very very long string of expletives.

While cleaning/sorting out the older photo's  I came across a few that I thought I might post. The pics are from a few years back now and show some of my modern 15mm armour and 15mm Vietnam troops with some US Brown Water Navy to boot. Not that I would want to boot Brown Water Navy types.

This model is from Quality Castings, and I can tell you they sure were (I'll have to check if they are still around). Some of the models were a match for GHQ but at 15mm scale! I never based my armour, a mixture of laziness and, quite frankly, I could never see the point, they aren't going to fall over.  I don't know, maybe I should?

I wrote a set of kriegspiel rules that we used for moderns/Vietnam in which all the players were on the same side commanding separate squads or platoons and the umpire (there would be more than one on larger games) controlled the other side.  I would write up a scenario for the game and a script for the umpire forces which we followed pretty closely with plenty of embellishment depending on how the players were coping with their objectives, it was a lot of fun, some games ended up a bit like that Tropical Thunder film...... only funny! ;-) 

Jeez Louise look at the dust on those and they are in real need of a repaint. I cant tell you who makes these but I remember they turned up the day before a demo game and it was a real rush of a paint job.  I never got back around to tarting em up, put them on the to do list.

Some of the Scenery for our Vietnam games, can you spot that sneaky little NVA regular about to stick one up the brown water boys?

Bit more scenery, a bunker this time. When you place the bunkers in amongst all the jungle scenery they can be pretty hard to spot. The players could recon the table before the game but they weren't allowed to go poking about in the bush (sounds a bit rude) to get an advantage, more than once did someone get a shock stumbling over a bunker.


  1. Nice work; the camo on AFV - very accurate coloring. I agree about not basing armor - not sure about 15mm, but my 28mm stuff (actually 1:50 & 1:48) stuff aren't based - like you said they won't fall over - folks grab them by the models and not the base too. I fell asleep during part of "Tropic Thunder" - watch it at home with a public library borrowed DVD. Nice colors but no plot. Dean

  2. Cheers Dean

    I painted that Brad about 8 years ago and I can faintly remember when I was researching for a paint scheme something about MERD or MERD-C, anyway there seemed to be an awful lot of variations. The quality of the casting helps make it though.


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