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A Foundry Visit My Initial Response..... Things That Make You Go Hmm

This was going to be a posting on the TMP site (18thC discussion) until I gave it some consideration and decided not to chide the manufacturer on Bill's site but post it here instead. I would welcome correcting if I have misrepresented but believe it is a well considered post and is my personal opinion only.

Hello TMPer's

John Clements wrote in an earlier post......

"You also mentioned Russians and obviously won't be interested in Foundry,"

Well it struck me I have never been to the Foundry site, seen plenty of them in the early and mid norties in WI (ad nauseous) so I'm not an innocent by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought one should take a look, eh what?

My initial response

What in the name of bleep'n 'ell, 2 points, fit for purpose and value for money neither of which seem to be high on the foundry agenda. First let me background my visit, ok so this is going slightly off topic as far as SYW Russians are concerned but I noticed they produced some Victorianna figures which may suit my other project (steampunk). 

Let me start with value for money 1 x Queen Victoria 3 quid and 60 new pence! For a stumpy dwarf? I'll gladly lay down that sort of dosh at Freebooter or Darksword, but not for that..... thing. Honestly if it wasn't for some quality painting it wouldn't rate for the price, at first or second glance, I found this to be the case with a number of figures.

However if I was to buy three Queen Victoria's I can get 'em for the knock down price of 9 pounds and 72 shiney new pence but what do I do with the two doppelgangers,  there is no reasoning to the special deal at all and is simply not a fit offer. As for the sculpt, I understand that wargames companies tend to like their figures a little chunky but what the? OK she was a big lass but it wasn't the only figure I looked at with this problem.

The 'Sherlock and Dr Watson", the same applies 19.44 for three sets saves me 2.16! What to do with the other two sets? At least the sculpting was quite tolerable on these chaps. Then there was the '8 Jack the ripper's' set, it confused the hell out of me...... Maybe I have incorrect end of shtick Victor, but a specialty figure range should have some specialty figure range quality to go with the price, I dunno, maybe it's just me.

Now I did spend some more time trawling around their wares but am yet to be convinced that it is worth a second look, which is sad because I had been under the impression (maybe the WI hype) that there was real quality and ergo value for money to be had. Unfortunately all I could find was small high detail boutique manufacturer prices for 'gaming quality' figures. Perhaps they'll do a boxing day sale and I can refill my stocking?

I guess I now understand what you meant John.


As I mentioned at the outset of this post I'm happy to be corrected if there is something I've missed but from where I was sitting purchasing their figures seems to be an expensive exercise.

EDIT: I has occurred to me that I'm looking at the foundry thing all wrong, maybe I should view it from a business perspective and as such I probably am not the target market Foundry are aiming for. I grew up on Charles Grant and pittance wages as a 15yo apprentice, not Warhammer, instant gratification and shoosh pocket money ;-)  

(yes that is an attempt at old fart humour and not to be taken seriously, bet someone bites)


  1. I agree with your overall assessment of Foundry - mediocre figures at premium pricing. I bought a number of there Napoleonic unit deals before stumbling on the Perry plastics. The quality of the figures was OK but I can not justify the pricing

    Foundry does have periodic sales (20% off) every month or so, but even with those prices it just doesn't make sense for me


  2. Foundry have some good sculpts and when on sale are not too expensive. Saying that I would buy may other places before looking at foundry. I feel they are resting on there laurals from the 90s when there were to premier company, they have stood still while other companys have come along and produced far better sculpts and give much better value.

  3. You are spot on. If ever the term "Emperor's new clothes" applies in the figure world, then it applies to Foundry's rather horrid little figures (Not all, but a lot,particularly the Napoleonics). I too have never raised this on TMP because of the massive hoo-ha which would ensue.
    The CRUCIAL thing about Foundry is that they are dead easy for anyone to paint, so Mr average painter (like me) gets some, and they look pretty good. Subsequently they are de-facto "better" figures.
    Clever chaps, at Foundry.

  4. Hi Guys

    It is unusual how things happen in clusters. Last night I was rearranging my WI stash putting them into new containers, at one point I had 4 years worth all face down and slightly staggered and what did I see, the same small section of print repeated over and over (a foundry add) on the rear page. They were certainly a big player, might very well still be?

    A lot of credit has to go to Kevin Dallimore and the painters, they made the figures shine above and beyond the call of duty. Maybe, just maybe you can polish a turd. ;-)

    Im not going to knock the sculpts as such (all companies have their moments) but wheeey ayyy! I just find the pricing policy bizzaro especially in regards to some of the lesser quality and specialty figures, look at Renegades pricing as a point in difference for white metal miniatures. I'll just have to wait for the Victorian's line to have one of them 20% off sales, eh what. Maybe give em a try then.......

    Good news is the headaches are starting to give ground I can start painting again instead of posting shyte!


  5. It was fun painting for foundry you had to go though an audition to show you could paint in the foundry style. I do think they have fallen down the pecking order a little but seem to put alot of effort into the hobby items now (paint brushes book etc). Shame they do not put as much into the figures.

    Peace James

  6. Just caught up with this. Glad we agree. I think the point is made just by looking at your excellent Minden figures - which would most people like to see on their table and at such a reasonable price too.

  7. Thanks John

    The Mindens are truely lovely figures and they will do me quite nicely, no doubt about it.



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